About us

Are you a cat or dog owner looking to maximize nourishment for your furry family members? As a pet parent, you naturally strive to provide your pets with the best lifestyle options available. Meeting the pets’ needs involves providing them with ample exercise, safe toys, and of course, high-quality ingredients in their feeding.

At Paws Bistro, our mission is to develop food products aimed to enrich your pet’s daily feeding regimen with well-balanced nutrient-rich blends of oil and powder-based food additives.

The Pet Food Spray was developed to provide cats and dogs with the highest quality nutritional supplements to complement their feeding regiment. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a high-performing food additive that my cat, Milo, and my dog, Oliver would love, I, as a research chemist, took matters into my own hands and set out to create a series of formulations to enhance the palatability of food, along with providing nutritionally valuable high-quality ingredients to the daily feeding of my pets. Products at Paws Bistro are the result of this rigorous experimentation and in-depth research.

We make it our priority to only use the best quality ingredients in our products. They are created in human food grade laboratories that follow GMP protocol established by the FDA.

The pet industry is still in its early stages of development, but a higher number of quality products are becoming available to pet owners. At Paws Bistro, we search for answers to important health-related questions across all health verticals.  One of the most pertinent questions pet parents want an answer for is whether it is possible to increase the lifespan of our pets and if yes, how can this be achieved? At Paws Bistro, we are also looking to see if quality food ingredients decrease, ease or eliminate pre-existing conditions, or postpone the cognitive decline and the development of age-related diseases such as arthritis. Just like humans, pets are susceptible to incur deterioration in mental and physical health resulting from aging and unhealthy lifestyle habits. While humans are more readily inclined to discover answers to their pressing health and aging-related questions, our pets also require teams of professionals focused on developing safe and effective products aimed at addressing their everyday health needs.

Paws Bistro’s goal is to help you make educated choices in developing a healthy feeding regiment for your pets. When used consistently, our proprietary-blend of carefully picked and sourced ingredients nourish your pets with the necessary nutrients through high-quality pet food additives such as oils and superfood powders.

Our pets continue to enrich our lives with their invaluable companionship and never-ending,+ unconditional love. We as their pack leaders, provide them with home, protection, and love. Since we choose to be their caretakers who make decisions in regards to their well-being, it is important to optimize the everyday routine of our pets with a balanced feeding regimen containing all the necessary nutrients needed to keep them happy, healthy and ready to play.